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A full line of charging equipment is available, ranging from single-unit 12 V DC and 120 or 208/240V AC Chargers through multiple systems capable of charging up to 120 lamps.

english Cordless Wheat GEN II Single Station Charger – Data Sheet

english Cordless Wheat GEN II 50 Station Charger – Data Sheet

french Chargeur pour 50 lampes de mineur (Wheat GEN II) sans fil (Datasheet)

spanish Cargador de 50 lámparas mineras inalámbricas (Wheat GEN II) (Datasheet)

french Chargeur Individuel Pour Lampes Sans Fil (Wheat GEN II) (Datasheet)

spanish Cargador simple diseñado para recargar lámpara minera inalámbrica (Wheat GEN II) (Datasheet)