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The Koehler Model 5300-G LED mining caplamp is the most powerful LED caplamp available today. With a lightweight Lithium-Ion belt-mounted battery the 5300-G provides 3500+ LUX and a run time of up to 28 hours! It is also approved for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations including coal mines.

Click Here for the LI-5300 Engineering Data Sheet
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spanish Lámpara minera 5300 LED (Datasheet)

french Lampe de mineur 5300 LED (Datasheet)


The highly acclaimed LI-6000 Cordless WHEAT GEN II cap lamp is one of the brightest in the market.  It weighs only 5 oz, but there is plenty of light output packed into this MSHA approved unit.  The run time of 15 hours on a < 6 hour charge can be accomplished by existing Koehler infrastructure as well as single unit and 50 unit chargers specifically designed for the LI-6000.

Click Here for the Cordless WHEAT GEN II Engineering Data Sheet
Instructions – Cordless WHEAT GEN II


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