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The Koehler Model 5300-G LED mining caplamp is the most powerful LED caplamp available today. With a lightweight Lithium-Ion belt-mounted battery the 5300-G provides 3500+ LUX and a run time of up to 28 hours! It is also approved for use in Zone 0 hazardous locations including coal mines.

Click Here for the LI-5300 Engineering Data Sheet
Click Here for the Koehler 5300 Sell Sheet

spanish Lámpara minera 5300 LED (Datasheet)

french Lampe de mineur 5300 LED (Datasheet)


The highly acclaimed KLP-3005 Cordless cap lamp is one of the brightest in the market.  It weighs only 5 oz, but there is plenty of light output packed into this MSHA approved unit.  The run time of 15 hours on a < 6 hour charge can be accomplished by existing Koehler infrastructure as well as single unit and 50 unit chargers specifically designed for the KLP3005.

Click Here for the Cordless WHEAT GEN II Engineering Data Sheet
Instructions – Cordless WHEAT GEN II