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The Only MSHA Approved Lamp that’s Made in the USA.


Koehler Lighting Products have been serving the mining industry for over a century. They are built with American quality and are currently in the ONLY U.S. made cap lamp that carries all the major approvals of MSHA, ATEX, and ICEX.


Made from polycarbonate and other rugged materials, Koehler lamps boast the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system. The longevity of the products coupled with little to no maintenance cost; Koehler can turn the initial capital investment into a long term benefit; try doing that with foreign lamps!

Today, Koehler cap lamps are widely accepted as the finest in mining, in addition to being lightweight, powerful, and cost effective; they also offer the latest in LED and Lithium technology. Our products can be used to power today’s and tomorrow’s mining equipment and they are charged by a full array of charging options to meet your needs. Koehler continues their commitment to remain the leader in underground lighting and portable power solutions.


With unlimited capabilities, Koehler can integrate tracking, proximity detection, and collision avoidance within their cap lamp systems to meet the needs of the world’s mines. Koehler not only provides reliable light, but provides reliable power to operate remote controls, miner tracking, collision avoidance and proximity detection. Upgrading is simple since it is designed to be field installable.


5300 Led Caplamp


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Cordless ‘Wheat’ Gen II CapLamp


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Cordless ‘Wheat’ Single Station Charger


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50 Station Charger for Cordless ‘Wheat’ Caplamp


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