U.S. Made, Globally Approved

Only MSHA Approved Lamp that’s Made in the USA.

Koehler Lighting Products have been serving the mining industry for over a century. They are built with American quality and are currently in the ONLY U.S. made cap lamp that carries all the major approvals of MSHA, ATEX, and ICEX.

DURABILITY – Made from polycarbonate and other rugged materials, Koehler lamps boast the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system. The longevity of the products coupled with little to no maintenance cost; Koehler can turn the initial capital investment into a long term benefit; try doing that with foreign lamps! 

FLEXIBILITY – With unlimited capabilities, Koehler can integrate tracking, proximity detection, and collision avoidance within their cap lamp systems to meet the needs of the world’s mines. Koehler not only provides reliable light, but provides reliable power to operate remote controls, miner tracking, collision avoidance and proximity detection. Upgrading is simple since it is designed to be field installable.

Today, Koehler cap lamps are widely accepted as the finest in mining, in addition to being lightweight, powerful, and cost effective; they also offer the latest in LED and Lithium technology. Our products can be used to power today’s and tomorrow’s mining equipment and they are charged by a full array of charging options to meet your needs. Koehler continues their commitment to remain the leader in underground lighting and portable power solutions.


Testimonials  (read all)

“Having mined and built tunnels since the Boston Subway Red Line extension in 1979. I have used the Koehler Lead acid, Koehler Lithium with a cord and Koehler cordless lithium lights. Their durability, longevity and design are unmatched. I have also used competition light but the Koehler Cordless LI-6000 Lithium lights are the lightest and the smallest with very similar light output. I have worked 12 hr shifts with no loss of light.”

Clinton Dattel
Mine Superintendent
The Edgar mine @
The Colorado School of Mines
Graveyard Walking Boss Twin tunnel project Idaho Springs Co

“Thirty-two of my 34-years working in underground coal and trona mines has been spent with a Koehler cap lamp on my hard hat. My personal belief is that the Koehler product always has been and continues to be the highest quality and most reliable cap lamp available. The last thing that I want to worry about, given the challenges of our industry, is the reliability of my cap lamp in total darkness.”

Joe A. Vendetti
Mine Operations Manager
Solvay Essential Chemicals North America

“The  Koehler Wheat lights we have had for two years. Rolla School of Mines have the Cordless LI-6000  Wheat Caplamp Lights and they work great. All of our mining engineering students are really pleased with the light especially since they don’t have a cord on the light pulling at them. I would highly recommend the Wheat cordless light to any underground mining company.”

Jim Taylor Supervisor MS&T Experimental Mine


“I am a happy customer and user of Koehler’s Cap Lamps.

As everybody knows, the global market is very well developed: With a little bit of patience, time and the World Wide Web, you may find companies like Koehler-Bright Star which offer good quality and reliable products on a reasonable price. But I will distinguish Koehler and give them “five stars” because in our particular tough mine – located on the last corner of the planet – they are not only selling us their products, but providing us solutions.”

Manuel Castro
Project Manager
Grasberg Underground